Known by many names including floral waters, plant waters, hydrolates, and hydrolats, hydrosols are produced by distilling an array of plant materials -- from seed to root and everything in between. The resulting therapeutic water contains phytochemicals and oils from the plant material and is stronger than an infusion (tisane), but much gentler than an essential oil, making them safe to spray directly onto skin without further dilution. Each hydrosol carries its own unique benefits to the skin (and beyond) that can include: nourishment, hydration, restoration and soothing, anti-inflammatory and/or anti-bacterial properties, and much, much more.

All of my hydrosols are slow-distilled in very small batches using a hand-forged copper alembic. I use fresh plant materials that have been grown in my own garden (organic and without any sprays whatsoever) or locally sourced from other trusted growers and sites. 

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