About us

Fluffco is the arts and culture partnership of Gayla Trail and Davin Risk.

In 1999, we formed Fluffco as an artistic and professional collaboration to explore design, narrative, culture, and community. Our shared passion for aesthetics and a need for hands-on experience has lead us to create our own path in interactive media, book production, product design, photography, and education.

This site is home to a collection of unique products created by us. You’ll find books, craft-kits, original artwork, apparel, and other products here. The collection is eclectic and goes where our passions take us.

In 2000, Gayla created the acclaimed website You Grow Girl and has gone on to author five books on urban gardening, garden to table cooking, crafting, and home preserving. You’ll find a few of Gayla’s books for sale here as well as a number of other products for the plant- and nature-minded.

If you have questions about your order, our products, shipping, etc. please check the Questions? page or email us at shop@fluffco.com