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NO T-Shirt

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Based on an original embroidery by Gayla Trail.

I have read that in some cultures embroidery was once regarded as spell casting — I much prefer this way of looking at it. Stitching is a slow, meditative, and sometimes defiant and purgative art form. There’s a certain power in it that runs counter to the dainty, white-gloved perfectionism we’ve assigned to it over time.

As a writer, I tend to be drawn towards using text in my embroidery work and as I stitch words I often feel that I am engaged in an act of conjuring something that I need to assert, purge, or express. This is what drew me to stitching the word NO and why I enjoy wearing it on my body.

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Choose from unisex and fitted styles in a range of sizes. Printed on Anvil 980 Unisex and 880 Fitted shirts:

- 100% lightweight cotton
- Pre-shrunk
- Removable label