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Botanical Cyanotype Brooch

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These handmade botanical cyanotype brooches are one-of-a-kind using flora collected from Gayla's urban garden. Each cyanotype is mounted onto a wooden base and coated in protective encaustic wax. Some surfaces are worked further with paint and metal leafing. 


- 1.5" brooch. Wooden base with locking pin back. Signed on the back.


About the Artwork

Cyanotype is an alternative photographic process that produces a blue print. These cyanotypes were made individually as photograms, a process that involves exposing light-sensitive paper to real leaves, flowers, and other plant parts. 

Encaustic is an art form derived from the Greek enkaustikos, which means "to burn in." Beeswax is mixed with a tree resin to create a medium that can be used as-is or mixed with pigment.  Because the medium is all natural, the finished piece has a pleasant beeswax scent and a tactile quality that is wonderful to touch.


How to Care for Your Brooch

Encaustic medium does not melt at normal temperatures and once cured, the resin will harden to a protective surface. However, it can take up to a year for the resin to fully cure, and even afterward it is possible to gouge the surface with a sharp object. Be especially mindful of gold and silver leaf, which is often applied near the surface. 

The surface of your encaustic will cloud a little or become matte as it cures. You can bring the shine back by buffing lightly with a soft cloth or piece of old hosiery.