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Drinking the Summer Garden eBook

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Drinking the Summer Garden: Homegrown Thirst Quenchers, Concoctions, Sips, and Nibbles

Writing and photography by Gayla Trail. Artwork and design by Davin Risk

Celebrating summertime fun, play, and homegrown abundance is the inspiration behind DRINKING THE SUMMER GARDEN, a lushly photographed, 80-page, full-color collection of cool seasonal drinks and accompanying treats and nibbles. Using a wide range of ingredients and flavors available fresh from summer gardens and farmers markets, Gayla Trail shows you how to concoct seasonal drinks that you can’t buy in a bottle.

From frosty, low-sugar thirst quenchers that will keep the kids hydrated and happy, to fun and unusual twists on classic grown up libations, DRINKING THE SUMMER GARDEN is packed with more than 40 recipes to satisfy every taste. Featuring instruction on syrup-making, pickling, homegrown garnishes, fermenting, handcrafting liqueurs, as well as handy how-to techniques written and presented in Trail’s irreverent, friendly style, this volume will encourage and inspire further explorations in the kitchen and the garden.

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About the eBook Edition

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