*NEW* Oregano Seeds - Versatile Culinary Herb

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Oregano (Origanum vulgare) is probably the most used culinary herb in my garden. I harvest and dry several bundles through the season to add a punch of savoury flavour to bone broth and just about every soup I can think of.

I've complained in the past about the lacklustre potency of most contemporary stock, but this one carries a delicious, aromatic perfume. 

Oregano does best in sunny spots with well-draining soil and a bit of drought. The plant will tolerate shadier spots, but I find that even if it survives less-than-ideal conditions, a lack of sun and excess moisture will turn out a much less potent herb. Pretty pinkish purple flowers attract bees and other pollinators!

Special Notes: Perennial. Self-seeder. Prefers full sun and well-draining soil. Pink/purple flowers. Drought tolerant. Attracts pollinators. Blooms in summer. Can be grown in containers. Hardy zone 4-10. 

Approximately 100+ seeds per packet.

Seed Starting and Growing: These tiny seeds are best sown into pots since their equally tiny seedlings tend to get lost when sown into beds. Sow in spring by sprinkling onto the soil surface and pressing in lightly. 

About You Grow Girl Seeds:

All of the seeds that I sell were lovingly homegrown and harvested by me, small scale, in my urban garden using organic methods only -- no chemicals or pesticides whatsoever. Tomato varieties are isolated to stay true using the flower bagging method and I test for germination quality. I take special care in choosing varieties that I find unusual, interesting and fabulous, and/or especially suitable for growing in small space gardens.