Green Grape Tomato Seeds -- Compact for Small Spaces

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This gorgeous, oval, green cherry tomato (1" size) dates back to the late 70s when it was created by breeder Tom Wagner crossing an unknown mix of beloved heirlooms varieties. I've grown it in most of my urban gardens through the last decade and find myself choosing it year after year for its unique flavour fusion of tart meets sweet meets spicy. As the fruit ripens, it takes on olive/yellow hues that reminds me of a water colour. Nature's artistry at its finest.

'Green Grape' is an excellent choice for small scale and container gardeners who don't have the space to entertain monstrous, rambling plants. While it is technically an indeterminate, the growth habit is compact, never surpassing much more than 5 or so feet tall yet productivity is consistently fantastic.

Pop the ripe fruit straight into your mouth or enjoy in a colourful medley of mixed varieties served as a fresh salad with sloppy cuts of mozzarella cheese or baked on pizza dough sprinkled with course salt and a drizzle of olive oil.

Special Notes: Compact/Semi Indeterminate plants. Green fruit that turns olive green/yellow when ripe. Cherry. Can be grown in an x-large container. Mid-season. Approximately 80-90 days. 

No less than 25 seed per packet.

Seed Starting and Growing: Start seed indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost. Transplant outdoors after danger of frost has passed.


About You Grow Girl Seeds:

All of the seeds that I sell were lovingly homegrown and harvested by me, small scale, in my urban garden using organic methods only -- no chemicals or pesticides whatsoever. Tomato varieties are isolated to stay true using the flower bagging method and I test for germination quality. I take special care in choosing varieties that I find unusual, interesting and fabulous, and/or especially suitable for growing in small space gardens.