Blush Tomato Seeds

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'Blush' is a beautiful, golden saladette-sized plum variety that features striking ruby red stripes. It is very similar in shape to two other varieties I offer, "Striped Diana' and 'Maglia Rosa.' In fact, it happens to be the progeny of 'Maglia Rosa' crossed with a variety I do not sell (created by breeder Fred Hempel).

Unlike 'Striped Diana' and 'Maglia Rosa,' 'Blush does not feature the same wispy foliage and growth habit. It has a much more typical tomato leaf and sturdy indeterminate growth. That said, I've had great success growing it on a hot, concrete parking pad inside a deep (16"+) and wide trug-type container with a couple of basil plants as companions. Even in such harsh conditions the plant was very productive and the fruit absolutely divine.

Expect lots of sweet, juicy, bright and fruity-flavoured tomatoes. I find this type of tomato is very versatile as the size makes it perfect for slicing on salads, or drying in an oven or dehydrator. It also makes a wonderfully fruity sauce.

Special Notes: Indeterminate vines. Gold with ruby red stripes. Great for drying or sauce! Can be grown in an x-large container. Mid-season. Approximately 70 days.  

No less than 15 seed per packet. 

Seed Starting and Growing: Start seed indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost. Transplant outdoors after danger of frost has passed.


About You Grow Girl Seeds:

All of the seeds that I sell were lovingly homegrown and harvested by me, small scale, in my urban garden using organic methods only -- no chemicals or pesticides whatsoever. Tomato varieties are isolated to stay true using the flower bagging method and I test for germination quality. I take special care in choosing varieties that I find unusual, interesting and fabulous, and/or especially suitable for growing in small space gardens.