Bali Tomato Seeds -- RARE Fruity and Fragrant

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Give it a tall trellis to climb and 'Bali' will produce loads and loads of 2-3" raspberry pink fruit that are flat with beautiful ribbing. They're almost too pretty to eat! The soft and juicy flesh is fragrant, sweet, and bright with a hint of spice. Eat them up quickly as they don't last long once ripe. Although, I'm sure you'll have no trouble!

Quick Story: I can't recall from where I procured the original seed, but what I do recall is that they were listed as a determinate. HA! For years I tried growing it in mid-sized containers with minimal success before putting it in the ground where it quickly grew over its trellis and engulfed neighbouring plants. All of that to say that this is indeed an indeterminate -- and a big one at that. It will produce a large vine and a whole mess of tasty fruit. If you do choose to grow in a pot I suggest a big one, at least 16" deep.

Special Notes: Indeterminate. Said to be Indonesian in origin. Raspberry pink, mid-sized fruit. Ribbed. oblate. Open-pollinated. Mid-season. 80 days.
No less than 25 seed per packet. 

Seed Starting and Growing: Start seed indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost. Transplant outdoors after danger of frost has passed.


About You Grow Girl Seeds:

All of the seeds that I sell were lovingly homegrown and harvested by me, small scale, in my urban garden using organic methods only -- no chemicals or pesticides whatsoever. Tomato varieties are isolated to stay true using the flower bagging method and I test for germination quality. I take special care in choosing varieties that I find unusual, interesting and fabulous, and/or especially suitable for growing in small space gardens.