Dragonhead Balm - Gorgeous Lemony Herb

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Dragonhead balm (Dracocephalum moldavicum) or Moldavian Balm is a mint family herb with gorgeous bluish purple flowers and toothed leaves. With a strong, lemony flavour, this herb is reminiscent of lemon balm (Melissa officinalis), but with a more vibrant flavour that holds even when dried. Makes a wonderfully invigorating herbal tea and dried leaves can be infused into oil and used as a dressing. Freeze the tea in the heat of summer to make refreshing popsicles.

Bees love the flowers when they appear, usually from mid-summer on. 

Special Notes: Self-seeding annual. Hardy zones 2-11. Prefers full sun to partial shade and tends to wither in intense heat. Can be grown in a container. Leaves are green with toothed edges. Flowers are blue to purple. Ornamental, edible, medicinal.

Approximately 50 seeds per packet. 

Seed Starting and Growing: Start seeds indoors before the last frost. Sow on soil surface and cover lightly. Transplant outdoors, either in the ground or a large pot, once risk of frost has passed. Can also be direct sown after last frost.


About You Grow Girl Seeds:

All of the seeds that I sell were lovingly homegrown and harvested by me, small scale, in my urban garden using organic methods only -- no chemicals or pesticides whatsoever. Tomato varieties are isolated to stay true using the flower bagging method and I test for germination quality. I take special care in choosing varieties that I find unusual, interesting and fabulous, and/or especially suitable for growing in small space gardens.