If forced to grow one type of plant for the rest of my life, it would be tomatoes. There are so many amazing colours, shapes, sizes, and flavours found in the endless varieties available that I would never be bored. I am also an avid seed saver and a few years back I decided to merge my love of the two by offering up a few of the unique and wonderful varieties that I grow in my own garden. This is a small scale operation —ALL of the seeds I sell were grown, processed, and packaged by my hand without sprays or chemicals.

+ Seed Rates and Germination:  The standard practice of most seed companies is to indicate the year seeds were packaged; however, those seeds could have been grown years prior. In the spirit of accuracy and transparency, I indicate the year each variety was grown on both individual listings and packages. I keep my seeds in dry, cool storage and test the germination rates annually. I only sell seed that exceeds germination seed standards (75%+ for tomatoes).
Mexican Sour Gherkin Seeds - Super Easy to Grow
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Rose Campion Flower Seeds
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Coyote - Addictively Delicious Fruit
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Toothache Plant aka Electric Daisy
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Nicotiana Knightiana Flower Seeds
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Dragonhead Balm - Gorgeous Lemony Herb
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Lemon Catnip — Lemony Tea Herb
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